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What is 0x0 0x0, and How you can fix it? (Windows Error solved)

0x0 0x0

0x0 0x0 (Window problem solved)

Many of my friends are getting an error of 0x0 0x0 while doing any activity from their windows. They were saying that the error 0x0 is continuously popping, they are not able to do any work, so in today’s article, I will tell you about 0x0 and what causes it and how we can get rid of it, so let’s get started.


Error 0x0 0x0 is a common problem most windows users face, so what is this error and how it causes our computer? Does it any virus or any malware? Can it affect my computer? So Error 0x0 0x0 is a common type of error, and it is not harmful to your computer. It is just an alerting message sent by your computer, and there is no specific reason for this error. There are so many reasons that cause this error; some of the errors are listed below


 As I have said above, there is no specific reason to the causes of this error, so I am trying to list most of the errors. Check below if your reason is listed or not.

  • Missing drivers mostly cause Unaivality of proper drivers – this error, if you do not have correct drivers present in your pc and you are trying to run a software which requires that missing driver then your software will give you 0x0 error
  •   False entry – another common reason for the error is that it is also caused by the incorrect entry of the software that is previously uninstalled. If the software is not properly installed and if its entries are still present on your computer, then also it will cause an error of 0x0
  • Unavailable hardware – In this, our windows didn’t get an output source to work to cokplete its work. You are likely trying to play music from your computer without attaching any speaker. Your computer will send you an alert message 0x0.
  • Improper installation – another most common reason is that if you are trying to install any software and if it is not correctly installed in your pc and if you try to run it, it will give you error 0x0. If you are installing software and some files are detected as viruses or malware by your pc and deleted, you will also face this error 0x0. If you want to install that software completely, then you have to turn off your window antivirus and install the software again, and finally, this will help you to run the problem without 0x0

These were the most common reasons for error 0x0. I hope you get what I am trying to explain.


As I have tried to explain everything about error 0x0 0x0 and as I have said that there may not be a proper reason for this error so I am going to tell you the most used methods to fix this and they have been tested by most of the users, and they found working for them, so let us get started


See, there is not a particular fix for this error. Maybe this error is not getting fixed by one method because I have already told you that it is not specific, so I am will try to list all the methods that are available on the internet so you don’t have to search for another method and this way also save your time so check below for all the methods.

Using outbyte software –  this is the most simple and most common method. Outbyte is software designed by Outbyte Computing Pty Ltd. This software is not only known for its software fixing issue but also for optimizing your windows performance. this will auto fix all of your windows problems

Steps to use –

  1. Install this software from its original website, Outbyte. You have to download this software directly from its trusted website
  2. After downloading this open the folder, you will see a setup.exe click on it and install the software into your windows pc
  3. After installation is done right, click on the outbyte icon and run it as administrator, and you will see an option for the scan. Now click on it.
  4. After your scan is done, it will show you all the problems of your pc included error 0x0, and you have to click on repair all, and it will start repairing every issue.

Closing incompatible apps – Now, moving to another method, sometimes you open 2 different applications in your windows pc, which may cause you to see error 0x0. If you find this more than 2 times, then just follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the status bar of your screen and click on task manager and then click on more detail and get the list of all the running software or application of your pc and if you are not able to click on the status bar due to error 0x0, then press CTRL-ALT-DELETE key continuously then a screen will pop up select task manager from it and it will start task manager now check which are the applications are running in your background
  2. Now forcing close application one by one, choose one application and by simply clicking on it and then end click on end task and wait for some time if you again see the 0x0 so now time to close another task.
  3. By doing the above process, you find the problem creation application. Now it depends on you. If it is important for you, then reinstall it, and if it is an unwanted app, you can simply uninstall it your problem will be fixed.

CHECK FOR YOUR WINDOWS UPDATE –  if you don’t have any extra window antivirus applications, you must keep your windows up to date. This will help you also to update your antivirus. If your windows antivirus is up to date, then your pc might be able to discover the latest virus. If any virus causes your runtime error, your computer will detect and will fix it automatically.

USING DISC CLEANUP – sometimes, you get runtime error just because of sufficient space in your pc. So how can we fix this? There are only 2 ways to fix this error: upgrade your storage disk or clean unwanted cache and temp files to gain storage to run a program.


 Here is a quick process of disc cleanup. Look it out

  • Open windows explorer now select the disk in which your windows is installed
  • Right-click on the disk, then click on the properties option
  • There you will get an option of dick cleanup. Click on it
  • Select the items you want to delete and start the disc cleanup process

UPDATE ALL IMPORTANT DRIVERS – Sometimes runtime error caused by outdated windows driver. So what you have to do is to install all the important drivers manually or by using the software, so I am going to tell both the process

Updating by software – there is software that will update all of your drivers for free the name of the company is Driverpack solution. Check out their website by clicking here

  • Install the driverpack from its official website
  • After download click on setup and install this software into your pc
  • Run this application it will start installing missing drivers, and it will also update the outdated drivers
  • During the installation, this software will install some applications which you can remove after installation

In my opinion, Driverpack is the best software that installs missing and updates outdated drivers for free

Updating drivers manually – Now, this is going to be a very time taking action, so I will recommend you to use driverpack and then try this method so if driverpack update mostly driver and somehow it cannot detect some drivers so it will be easy for you to update some so let start this process

  • Right-click on the Start button and click on the device manager option there, you will find all the drivers installed on your pc
  • Right-click on any of the drivers and click update driver software
  • Then it will ask you if you to update your drivers or manually select file of the driver
  • Click on “serch automatically for driver software,” and it will start installing automatically


if you didn’t understand any of the steps mentioned above to fix error 0x0 0x0, checkout the below video so you can easily fix this error.


So here was the full detail about error 0x0 and a detailed article about how to fix error 0x0. I hope everything works fine for your pc. All the steps are truly working and tested in windows, and the people who use this method cannot run their pc without any error. You can also test these methods, and if you are getting any other pc related issues, let me know in the comments. I will start the research on that and publish a post related to it.

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